The Soundboard

When you need fresh new ideas and a strategic soundboard.

This is for any small business or entrepreneur who needs something between an extended consultation and virtual 2-hour whiteboard strategic session. Whether it’s a creative brainstorm session to realign your social media efforts, or you need to think through possibilities of a new brand idea — you need another strategic head to talk it through.

Helping people translate their ideas into a plan is my strength and can be the turning point in a business. You tell me the challenge and we can work out how to tackle your session so you walk away with actionable next steps.

The Brand DNA

When you have all these ideas but not sure how your voice and brand need to come together.

Creating a personal brand is more than just planning your posts on social media. A proper approach to personal branding is about crafting a point-of-view that is unique yet also provides your audience with value. Personal branding when done with pure intention has the power to create deep impact not only in the lives of your growing audience, but also in your life as well.

Once you’ve made the decision to become a thought-leader, let’s have a chat about your goals and priorities. It’s a free session, so have your questions ready so I can help you share your best self with the world.


Working with JennZen was an amazing experience!

“She really helped me to take my brand to the next level. I was only expecting to get the services I paid for but I ended up with a learning experience for my business that is invaluable. This was literally one of the best investments I could have made!!!”

Amer-Marie Woods, Travel Blogger/Influencer

…The work she delivers is powerful…

“Jen was the right person at the right time. I needed clarity and focus when it came to developing my brand. Jen listened, did the necessary research and came up with a brand identity that truly maximized and elevated my business potential. I got insight into the present market, market trends and how my brand can differentiate and dominate. The work she delivers is powerful and will give your brand and business depth, and focus.”

Robert Brace, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Mind-body Expert & Owner of Brace Life Fitness Solutions