The Content Marketing Playbook

When you know content is king but need structure and a plan to communicate your brand to the world.

You may not need a full-time marketing officer but you do know you need someone to help you turn your ideas into a plan. Having The Content Marketing Playbook enables you to see from a 10,000 foot view how your brand communicates with the world across digital and social channels. Whether it’s determining your target consumer, developing thought leadership through content, or you need a fresh take on some old ideas - having a bespoke consultant gives you some extra hands and new ways to approach your content marketing.

The Pitch to Win Kit

When you need a document for outside brands and partners that tells your story and what you do.

Trust me, I know it’s hard to talk about yourself especially when all you want to do is the work! When you get the call from a brand or another business, you need a document that will be so impressive it will win the business on the spot.

I’m the person who will listen and translate all of that great information in your head and beautifully lay it all out on paper. It’s a quick turnaround and it begins with a virtual consultation call to get started.

The Wellness Reframe

When you’re ready to create a wellness experience but need help planning & marketing it to an audience.

Creating experience and spaces for wellness requires more than just logistics and products — you need a compelling story and innovative marketing strategies to bring certain tribes and communities together.

This is where my unique experience and skill of strategy, yoga teacher training and storytelling come together. Whether you need an extra pair of hands to create content or social ideas, event series or need a retreat and event host, I’ll help you develop your wellness ideas into a cohesive plan.



She’s been my secret weapon…

“When I started curlBOX I needed someone to help me pitch and position my business to big haircare and beauty brands. The brand presentation she developed for me was both beautiful and effective. She was able to translate my brand value to my customers in a thoughtful, yet effective way. Jenn has been a great collaborator and supporter of my business for over six years— I highly recommend working with her.”

Myleik Teele, Founder + CEO of curlBOX

She gave me the direction I needed.

“I truly respected her knowledge and enjoyed our sessions together. All of her strategic recommendations have proven to be correct and as a result — I have re-aligned my business.”

— Karlo Steel, Creative Director & Atelier of

Jenn blends mindfulness and strategy in a unique way.

“She has incredible integrity and infuses an empathetic approach into her strategic process. Not only is the output of her work beautiful, she also breaks down a high level approach into actionable tips and recommendations for content and communications.

I highly recommend Jenn, especially if you’re also in (or keen to be in) the wellness space.”

Megan Koval, Strategist + Founder of AWOL Strategy