My career is kindness. My career is honesty. My career is doing what I can to become a more conscious person. My career is to heal and to offer myself in service. To who and what needs me most. To what I need the most. To whatever is the best fit.

I don’t worry about the look of it. I work where it feels right.

The work of listening deeply, understanding people’s personal and professional goals and
bringing a company’s ideas to life in the world is spiritual work…
it just so happens that it looks like strategy and marketing to others.

My strength is my magnetic empathy and the desire to see everyone’s personal and professional potential and help them bring it to life. That’s what the “Co-Creation” part of my business means.

The “Zen” is my approach and ways of working with my clients. How you arrive is colored by your attitude of the journey along the way. So my goal is to keep it focused, intentional and of course…zen.

My offering to you is to help you begin solving your challenges from a state of conscious co-creation. Having me on your team is a part of that process...making the journey to your dreams and achievements that much sweeter.

Welcome to JennZen...let’s co-create together!